Solar Clip

Brings the max out of your solar panels 

Get lean, mean & effective


No extra cleaning cost

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Maximise Performance


Cost savings

Protection from damages


Observe the efficacy below

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Key to water and dust drainage for your solar modules

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Make your solar panel perform with the maximum efficiency

How does it work?


No extra cleaning expenses

The solar clip keeps your solar panel modules free from accumulation of dust and water 

solar-panel (1).png

Increased Efficiency

It removes the soiling losses & the surface would be able to trap more of the sunlight, maximizing your output


Protects from damages

The excessive soiling will not be able to do any wear or tear due to overheating in your solar panels

How do we manufacture?

We manufacture your products in series through our automated 3D printing cell in Berlin. We aim to attain maximum output with minimum wastage of material through demand-oriented consumption. All of the products are manufactured locally instead of imported which assures you of the best quality.


We do production on-demand, no supply chain or injection molding charges


We ensure faster delivery & production by integrating our 3D printers with robotics
and software.


We manufacture locally, bypassing supply and production chains. Assuring you the best quality


Series production on demand reduces waste and helps your organization achieve its sustainability goals.

Want to see our production cell in action?

For bulk orders please contact us