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MaxResolution3D tackles the issue of Corona

It was a shining example of how well might technology of 3D-printing serve our immediate everyday needs.

For quite a long time the chances for this year's ski season were pretty bad: constantly rising numbers of infected, declining vaccination coverage and national initiatives didn't seem to be signs of a great winter time for sport fans. However, everyone got excited when the officials in Austria, Switzerland and Germany gave the green light to the new ski season. After the winter 2020/2021 was a flop, there were hopes to get back on track this time. Considering that ski resorts appeared the most convenient spots in Europe for the virus to spread, this time everyone was eager to learn from their mistakes. For that reason, wearing a mask became obligatory around the ski lifts, not to mention indoors, in ski chalets.

However sensible it sounded, it was hard to imagine constantly putting on and off a helmet or riding down a hill, all way long in a mask with your mouth covered. Our co-founder Dario Dill, a devoted skier with over 25 years of experience, was no exception. The collective mind immediately stepped in, and through a session of brainstorming, we came up with a brilliant technical solution. Hence, the idea was born: mask clips for helmet straps, with the help of which you can easily attach and detach a mask without removing a helmet. The idea was quickly implemented, and Max Männel designed the main element. After a test run in the Alps the following weekend, the design was approved and nothing stood in the way of production. Then, the marketing machine started, so several customers (e.g. in St. Anton or Saalbach) appeared pretty quickly, and even one of e-commerce companies ordered a four-digit number. The coolest feature of the product is a possibility to print your own logo on a clip, which makes it super personalized – unimaginable without the power of 3D-printing, isn't it? On top of that, you get one item in 13 seconds! World record!

Our team is proud to have contributed to the fight against Corona giving people back their freedom to enjoy life!

„Happy to finally return to skiing again, leaving all the worries behind. Have been missing it so much in the last year, and it's great to feel normal again. Kudos to MaxResolution3D.“

– Philipp Krautenbacher (Director at GetYourGuide).

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