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Innovating Polymer Manufacturing in Times of Crisis: MR3D’s Approach for Reliable Mass Production

Berlin, Deutschland, October 2023 - Due to the challenges in social, healthcare and economic crises the continuous emergence of new technologies and manufacturing methods is essential as never before. This juxtaposition has highlighted the imperative for a more sustainable and localized approach to polymer series production. This realization inspired Berlin-based start-up founders Dario Dill and Max Männel. Traditional mass production of polymer parts is frequently associated with a considerable environmental impact, such as substantial wastage across production and emissions in the supply chain. The solution, however, resides in the establishment of a more localized production structure, cultivating dependable and sustainable connections.

MaxResolution3d polymer 3d printing in mass production in Berlin to fprovide reliability in crisis-times

In 2021, MaxResolution3D was founded and is currently offering an innovative new approach to polymer part manufacturing as we know it. By promoting local production and shifting manufacturing services from overseas back to Germany, the company ensures "Made in Germany" quality standards and minimizes the environmental footprint associated with the supply chain. Simultaneously, MaxResolution3D enhances reliability and discourages overproduction through meticulously supervised on-demand supply. Furthermore, the start-up promotes a shift from subtractive to additive manufacturing, effectively minimizing waste in the production process. By merging 3D printing technology, sensors, and robotic systems, the company propels fast, on-demand, and sustainable mass production of polymer parts. In this way, MaxResolution3D carves a place for itself in the polymer production sector with its mission to optimize manufacturing processes and become the suitable service provider for growing enterprises facing two specific needs.

Firstly, where injection moulding does not represent a cost-time efficient solution yet: MaxResolution3D has demonstrated regularly to be able to provide a reliable mass production service of up to 10.000 parts in 56 hours for the production of an e-bike part or 1870 cable covers in under 3 days.

Secondly, by harnessing the extensive knowledge and expertise of its production management team, MaxResolution3D has found a possibility to expand traditional production services to never-designed parts with remarkable efficiency. This includes the seamless production of polymer parts in series, boasting intricate geometric features, such as components with astonishingly slender wall thicknesses of less than 0.3mm and intricate channels with a mere 0.2mm diameter. The special innovation lies in the availability to now manufacture such parts in batches of millions a year. This start-up has committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in polymer manufacturing.

As reported by Nikolaus Mroncz, sales engineer at the production platform Xometry, “MaxResolution3D's commitment to innovation is truly impressive. Their technology has transformed our production process and enabled us to meet tight deadlines with ease while elevating our quality by implementing exceptionally thin parts in our production line. We recently collaborated on a project and were blown away by the speed and precision they offered. The ability to produce 7000 parts in just one week while reaching channel measures of 0.2mm is game-changing”.

This innovative structure meets the growing needs of various sectors in the German economy, including automotive, industrial machinery, healthcare, and mobility, where the use of 3D printing technology in production lines exhibits a steady annual growth rate of 15%. Amongst other projects, MaxResolution3D successfully produced 1870 lightweight yet durable cable covers in two days: a testament to the company's efficiency and project development capabilities.

In conclusion, MaxResolution3D addresses the imperative for enterprises to shift to a shorter supply chain, and achieve a local, faster service on-demand, while successfully reducing carbon emissions associated with lengthy supply chains and the substantial energy consumption inherent in subtractive manufacturing. First and foremost, MaxResolution3D represents a new space for production for innovative enterprises seeking cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance their production capacity, but most importantly to create the availability of series production for parts with challenging dimensions and geometries.

For more information on MaxResolution3D's groundbreaking LSPc technology, visit the website

For media inquiries, kindly contact:

MMDD MaxResolution3D GmbH

Goerzallee 299 14167 Berlin

Dario Dill, Co-CEO


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